How to Heal a New Tattoo, by Joshua

April 05, 2017

how to heal a new tattoo

How to Heal a New Tattoo

If you have ever been in the tattoo chair, this is definitely a topic that you have discussed. When I was younger, I thought using soap to clean my new tattoo would yield the best results. It’s not like I was trying to perform the healing process incorrectly, I just didn’t know that here may be something better. With that said, I thought I would share my tattoo healing regiment.

My process starts before the tattoo. I use Susie Q Ink Oil non drying tattoo soap and Ink Salve all natural tattoo ointment on a daily basis. Ink Oil in the shower to wash my old tattoo, and the salve to hydrate it before I start the day. I feel this best prepares my skin for the new ink, and gives it the best chance for a quick and successful healing process. It also keeps my existing tattoos looking like the day they were healed. Using Susie Q Skin tattoo aftercare daily on old tattoos is the best way to keep my old tattoos looking and feeling fresh.

Now Time to Get Ink!

During the tattooing process, I have my artist periodically apply the Ink Oil to the tattoo. In my experience, the Ink Oil seems to help calm the area, and introduces the essential oils to begin the healing process. After the tattoo is completed, I also ask that the Ink Oil is applied before the dressing.

I’m Home, and My Arm is Still Wrapped, Now What??

I immediately remove the dressing when I get home and cleanse my tattoo with Ink Oil to wash off any ink left on the arm, and any impurities that may have been collected on my journey home. After getting out of the shower, I apply a thin layer of the Ink Salve to keep my skin hydrated. I believe that letting the tattoo breath is beneficial after applying Ink Salve.

Sleepy Time

At night I have a couple long sleeve, loose fitting shirts that I have purchased to help keep the tattoo clean and hydrated as well as not allowing my tattoo to stick to sheets, or other articles of clothing. Before I go to bed, I apply the Ink Salve on the tattoo in a nice thin layer. I spend a little time rubbing it in because it makes my tattoo feel amazing. I then put on my long sleeve shirt. This helps keep the Ink Salve in place, and does not allow my shirt to stick to the tattoo when I get up in the morning. Once I get up, it's back to the shower to use the Ink Oil to wash my tattoo.

The Next 7 Days

During the day, I apply the Ink Salve to my tattoo every couple of hours, or if I feel that my tattoo is dry. If my skin is starting to feel tight, then I re-apply the Ink Salve. I just repeat this same process over the next week. By about day four or five there are some small patches of dead skin coming to the surface because my tattoo is almost healed. By day 7 may arm is all healed and feeling and looking clean and bright.

My latest tattoo was completed on March 16th, 2017 in which I received shading over my left arm from wrist to shoulder. I’m writing this on the third day of the healing process, my tattoo has not scabbed, and is feeling great.