Susie Q Skin Testimonials

"I used Susie Q skincare system exclusively while working on my back piece and I have never had a tattoo care line work so well for me."

best soap for a new tattoo

"I used Susie Q skincare system exclusively while working on my back piece and I have never had a tattoo care line work so well for me. It’s free of the harsh chemicals in most soaps and lotions, and my ultra sensitive skin healed perfectly post-tattoo, and was in love with this all natural product. I use Ink Oil for daily skin care as well because it smells like heaven and keeps my skin naturally hydrated without the weight of typical lotion. I've been converted, and I’ll continue to use Susie Q Skin on my new, and old tattoos.

Thank you again Jessica and team!

I really am in love with Susie Q and it healed my back perfectly and is phenomenal skincare. I will absolutely be re upping when I run out!

-Asa Bree, Finger Bang, Portland, OR

"When I was younger, I thought using soap to clean my new tattoo would yield the best results. I just didn’t know that here may be something better."

how to heal a new tattoo

"If you have ever been in the tattoo chair, this is definitely a topic that you have discussed. When I was younger, I thought using soap to clean my new tattoo would yield the best results. It’s not like I was trying to perform the healing process incorrectly, I just didn’t know that here may be something better. With that said, I thought I would share my tattoo healing regiment.

My process starts before the tattoo. I use Susie Q Ink Oil non drying tattoo soap and Ink Salve all natural tattoo ointment on a daily basis. Ink Oil in the shower to wash my old tattoo, and the salve to hydrate it before I start the day. I feel this best prepares my skin for the new ink, and gives it the best chance for a quick and successful healing process. It also keeps my existing tattoos looking like the day they were healed. Using Susie Q Skin tattoo aftercare daily on old tattoos is the best way to keep my old tattoos looking and feeling fresh."

Read the rest of his story on his blog post How to Heal a New Tattoo by Joshua Day

-Joshua Day, Sales, Portland, OR

"I fell in love with the Ink Oil!"

   best soap for a new tattoo

"I’ve been in a tattoo shop for the better part of ten years and tattooing in and out of the last 5 years. I have always been a less is best kind of healer and tell my clients this all the time.

 I recently tried Susie Q aftercare to heal my own tattoo and fell in love with the Ink Oil! It really did sooth my nerve endings right out the door and I used in the shower for washing and out of the shower a couple times a day or whenever the new tattoo got a little tight or dry.

I love that it is all natural ingredients and it allows the tattoo to breathe and heal without over saturating it like some lotions and ointments can do. It keeps the color bright and beautiful from beginning to end and aids in a faster heal time. I would recommend this lovely product to anyone who has an invested interest in the longevity of their new and old tattoos."

- Jessica Helmke, Tattoo Artist, Blue Ox Tattoo, Portland, Oregon

"Susie Q Skin products are amazing!"

best lotion for a tattoo

Susie Q Skin products are amazing! My favorite thing about these products is that I can use them not only to heal my tattoos but also to provide extra moisture to dry areas of my body. I love the smell of the Aftercare Products! My most favorite thing about these products is that they are made with natural ingredients, and lots of LOVE!

After getting a new tattoo I start the healing process with applying the tattoo salve about 3 hours after the tattoo is finished. I apply a thin layer over the entire tattoo. When I am ready for bed I apply a thin layer and then loosely cover with a sterile bandage (to prevent seepage of new ink onto clothing or other fabrics), and then wrap the area lightly with plastic wrap. I do this for the first two nights after the new tattoo.

In the mornings, I apply the Ink Oil over the entire tattoo prior to my shower to keep the tattoo moist and vibrant. Regular soap can dry out the tattoo so be sure to not wash with regular soap. After my shower, I gently pat the tattoo dry and apply another thin layer of the tattoo salve over the tattoo. I continue to apply a thin layer of the tattoo salve over the tattoo every few hours throughout the day for the next several days.

These 2 amazing products have helped minimize the healing time of my tattoo. They have helped prevent scabbing and scarring during the healing process, as well as keep my tattoos looking vibrant years later. I use these products even after being exposed to the sun to help re-hydrate my skin and prevent my tattoos from becoming dull.

I get comments on my tattoos often. People asking how I keep them so vibrant, fresh, and colorful. I tell them that I use these amazing products and recommend them to people whenever I get the chance.

- Katrina Larson, St Helens, Oregon

"I wanted to thank you for the ointments you produced for tattoos."

best ointment for a tattoo   

"I wanted to thank you for the Susie Q Skin ointments you produced for tattoos. I was surprised how the inflammation subsided quickly, and the pain was reduced significantly. I also found that there is little to no flaking or itching throughout the healing process. I've had 5 smaller tattoos, of my grandkids newborn feet, before I used Susie Q Skin products and there was a noticeable difference in the entire healing process. I've also used the ointments for my dry skin.

I put the Susie Q Ink Salve on the first three days during inflammation. After showers, I would use the Ink Oil spray. I continued using the Ink Salve during the healing process to reduce the itching and peeling. The Ink Oil spray was used before and after workouts to keep my skin hydrated and flexible. I continued using the oil several weeks after my tattoo was healed, just as an extra precaution.

Hope to see you on the Harley soon. "Give Em Heaven"  Jeff"

- Jeff Hart, Search Ministries Portland Area Director