Focus and Refocus

March 23, 2017

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Focus and Refocus

What are you focused on? Do you need to refocus your focus?

We are all on a journey, going through our daily paces. One day may be full of struggles, and the next day will be full of light. Why are we all here though, and how do we choose to express ourselves?

Tattoos Are Living Art

Tattoos are such an amazing way to showcase our lives. What we love, what we were focused on at certain points in this life. Who we are today, and who we were along the way. Friday, our team spent the afternoon walking around the Evergreen Tattoo Convention, looking at all the various forms of body art. It’s amazing seeing how each person shows off who they are, and what their focus is. Black sleeves; award winning Japanese art; memorials to loved ones; a M.A.S.H. sleeve (one of my favorites!)

How different we all are, yet how alike in how we express our souls. I love seeing people show off their art. I love the smiles and the laughter, I love the memories that cross their faces. If you have never been tattooed this may seem unrelatable to you. Once you’ve been through the process of selecting your artwork, refining the details with your artist, and sitting through the session you walk away with a permanent reminder of the process of change in you. The demonstration of your focus and the marker of your life as it stands in that moment.

How Susie Q Skin can Honor Your Tattoo

After you have spent time and money going through the process of getting your tattoo, we want the experience of healing it to also be enjoyable. Susie Q Skin Ink Oil is made with passionflower extract. Passionflower extract helps to soothe your frazzled nerve endings. When you put Ink Oil on in the shower, there is no more burning and stinging when the hot water hits it. On top of reducing the burning and stinging sensations, the Ink Oil also works to balance out your skin and to bring natural moisture and healing to it. No more dreading the shower with your new tattoo, you can simply focus on how great your tattoo looks.

See the Greatness

What is your focus today, in this stage of your life? What piece of artwork will memorialize your journey around the sun to this point? Do you see the greatness in all that you have, or is it a darker time? Focus and refocus so that you can see the greatness, or let that darkness bring you strength.

If you found our page along your path, we are grateful to have you here. We believe that we are all here for a reason. Susie Q Skin wants to embrace your art, and who you are. We want our products to enhance your story and make it shine (quite literally sometimes). Our goal is to make products that help you to love your art and the skin you’re in.