Trusting Your Gut- Bringing You the Best in Tattoo Aftercare

March 07, 2017

all natural tattoo aftercare

We go through this life doing the absolute best we can. We’re all trying to be the absolute best human we can be. We eat the right foods (most of the time), we take our vitamins (most days), and we try really hard to get to the gym. We try our best to get a good night’s rest, we read books, and we try to learn something new every day. We laugh and we love. Yet still, we find ourselves making choices that lead us down a path that didn’t go where we thought it would. Life has an interesting way of taking us right where we need to be to receive all the greatness that awaits us.

WTF Does This Have to do with Skin Care and Tattoos?

For Susie, it has everything to do with it. Twenty years ago I got my first tattoo. Then, sixteen years ago I started working in the skincare industry. As a little girl growing up in Bend, Oregon, I used to play in the fields outside our apartment and pretend I was mixing up my potions. Lava rocks grind down into such a luxurious, fine powder when smashed between two rocks. I’d add some juniper berries and sage brush with a little dirt and water and I had THE most powerful treatment ever. The plants, dirt, and rocks were my playground and that was my escape.

Fast forward 30+ years (damn, really?) and I now get to play with the grown-up versions of plants, dirt and water. Essential oils, organic butters and oils, flower extracts. These are the potions that are now Susie Q Skin’s natural tattoo aftercare. Somewhere in that field came the desire to use Mother Nature’s best ingredients to create clean and beneficial skin care products. That is how our tattoo aftercare products were created. Not in a field, but with the idea that the best things come directly from nature.

Change the Path and Change Your Life

Recently Susie Q Skin had to make a big business decision. We had to listen to our gut and figure out what was most important to us as a business. We made a business decision that was creating conflict and disharmony in our daily lives. As a company, it is important to us that our products, our brand, our message, and our business all have the same level of integrity. We worked hard to create the highest quality products with the highest quality ingredients. We use effective levels of ingredients and we didn’t want that to be diluted by a message that didn’t represent the same level of quality. So, we made a big change.

Susie Q Skin is about delivering to you sixteen years of skincare knowledge, so that you will have the best healing experience ever. We want you to love your new art and to also love the art you’re in. We want our customers to enjoy their experience with all our Susie Q Skin products and to believe in the power behind the products. Ink Oil Non-Drying Anti Aging Tattoo Wash and Ink Salve All Natural Tattoo Ointment are more than just another product. They are a vehicle to better healing, and a way to care for your new tattoo.