Castor Oil Gives Good Glide

September 18, 2017

Castor Oil Gives Good Glide

It is the goal at Susie Q Skin to create products that not only work effectively but also don't have any nasty chemicals in them. When I created the tattoo aftercare products seven years ago I wanted something that would feel amazing on the skin and be safe to apply to my tattoos. Organic castor oil is the key ingredient in our Ink Salve, creating that great glide and skin-feel, AND in keeping the new tattoo moist and on the path to healing.

What is Castor Oil

It's that nasty stuff your Grandma (or Great-Grandma now) used to tell you to drink when you were feeling ill, correct? Same stuff, but now we are smarter and realize there was some magic to their old-time concoctions. 


Excellent source of ricinoleic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acids- these are natural monounsaturated fats that work as anti-inflammatory on the skin

Works as a great relaxant for muscles when applied topically. This is a great side-benefit of using organic castor oil in our Ink Salve. The best way to use our Ink Salve is to purchase it BEFORE your tattoo appointment and have your artist use it as the glide, then take the rest home to use in helping to heal your new tattoo.

Strong anti-fungal properties. Applied topically to a new tattoo (Ink Salve) or used as a facial cleansing oil (No Regrets) the skin is cleansed while also being hydrated.

Recent research has shown that castor oil helps to promote hair growth. This means when you use our No Regrets Organic Make-Up Remover and Facial Cleansing Oil it can promote the growth and thickness of your eye lashes! Who doesn't want sexier eyelashes???

Castor oil is an excellent humectant without clogging pores. Pure castor oil can feel thick and goopy on the skin, but when mixed in specific ratios, such as in our Ink Salve or No Regrets it is light and smooth and leaves the skin hydrated and clean. No heaviness, no clogged skin.

Boosts healing and supports your immune system. According to Dr. Axe, both taking castor oil internally and using it topically can help to increase the white blood cells and the count of T-11 cells. We use organic castor oil in our Ink Salve specifically to help promote healing.

Susie Q Skin Products with Castor Oil

Ink Salve is our tattoo and skin ointment. This product makes for an excellent glide during the tattoo process, instead of petroleum based products. Your artist will not have to wipe as hard during the tattoo process. Your skin will feel soothed and calm. You will immediately start the healing process. Your skin will also be protected and Ink Salve will deliver great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties during the tattoo process.

After your tattoo session, use Ink Salve in frequent, thin layers. It allows for great hydration without feeling goopy like all petroleum based products. We do use organic, cold-processed coconut oil in the Ink Salve also and the combination of organic castor oil and organic coconut oil makes for a smooth, luxurious feeling on your skin. If you use coconut oil to heal now, you will fall in love with healing with Ink Salve.

No Regrets is our organic eye make-up remover and facial cleansing oil. This product is not just your average eye make-up remover. Your face will be clean and hydrated AND you will have many anti-aging benefits. Castor oil cleans, exfoliates, hydrates, and helps to thicken your natural eye lashes. This product is great to use on ALL skin types. I know using an oil on oily skin is scary but once you've done it for three days, your skin will thank you by decreasing the oil production.