Why We Fell In Love with Blue Tansy for our Skin

September 25, 2017

Why We Fell In Love with Blue Tansy for our Skin

Blue Tansy essential oil is one of my favorite essential oils, which is probably why it is in so many of Susie Q Skin products. It has a slightly sharp, bright smell and the blue color of the oil itself is a beautiful cobalt. The skin benefits are incredible, and is the reason why it is one of the primary active essential oils in our tattoo aftercare and skin care products.

Why Blue Tansy

blue tansy essential oil

Aside from the fact that it is beautiful, blue tansy has so many natural attributes that make it a winning ingredient for tattoo aftercare and sensitive skin care.

Anti-Inflammatory- we hear this all the time, but what does it really mean? It means that anti-inflammatory specific ingredients tend to lower the oxidation in your skin and reduce swelling. Anyone who has had a tattoo is overly familiar with the tight, swollen, red flesh immediately after your artist is finished sabotaging it. When your artist uses Ink Salve as the glide during the tattoo process your skin will be soothed instead of inflamed, and there is much less swelling and redness. I had an artist at a show in Georgia buy our products simply because a girl in the booth next to him who had been getting tattooed for the majority of the day said "Ooohhh that feels good," when her artist switched to Ink Salve instead of his traditional glide. Blue tansy is a key part of this soothing and swelling reduction.

When it comes to sensitive skin (think blemishes, psoriasis, hives) Blue Tansy does the same thing. It soothes the skin, reduces the redness and swelling. I am 42 with highly acneic skin and until I switched to only using No Regrets Organic Eye Make-Up Remover and Facial Cleansing Oil on my face, I still suffered daily from not-so-teenage blemishes. No Regrets is more than just an eye make-up remover. Use it as a facial cleansing oil all over your face, neck and chest. The key is to NOT use soap on your skin, ever, when you start using No Regrets. No soap in the evening, no soap in the morning. No soap. Let No Regrets facial cleansing oil balance out your skin. Blue tansy is part of our No Regrets as it helps to balance out and hydrate your skin.

Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial- kind of a no brainer attribute to tattoo aftercare. I have heard so many people say they are STILL using anti-bacterial soap on their tattoos. Please stop. This does not do you, your skin, or your tattoo any good. No more harsh orange soap. Use Ink Absolution (Oil) instead. Seriously. Loaded with so much blue tansy, our Ink Absolution (Oil) is even BLUE in color. Natural is always better in our book, so no more nasty soap on your tattoos. 

How does this apply to blemish prone skin? Well...blemishes are little pockets of bacteria and sebum on your skin. So, using a product like No Regrets will naturally help to hydrate your skin and to kill off bacteria. You're welcome. 

This same attribute is why Ink Salve and Ink Absolution (Oil) work so great on cuts, scrapes, bug bites, etc. I carry Ink Salve in the car at all times because nothing makes an owie feel better. Immediately soothing, no burning, and it provides a nice layer of protection on the skin without clogging the pores like petroleum based products.

Antihistamine- have you heard of people who have had reactions to the red and purple ink in tattoos? That is an allergic reaction. Using products to heal your tattoos that naturally provide protection and relief from allergies will help. I do not say that it will rid you of the reaction, but it will help calm your skin and soothe the reactivity. Over the counter products like steroid creams will just thin your skin, increase swelling and possibly destroy your tattoo.

Relaxant- blue tansy has an aromatherapy benefit of relaxing your mind and body. Not only does it help to soothe the skin when applied topically, but when you smell products made with blue tansy your stress levels can decrease and put your mind at ease. When Susie Q Skin tattoo aftercare products are used during the tattoo process, both your anxiety is lessened and your skin is soothed. A two-for-one benefit.

Blue Tansy has a very distinct smell. It is part of what makes Ink Salve and Ink Absolution (Oil) so addictive. Smells are such a funny thing. A smell I love, others hate, and a smell others love, I hate. That is why there are a million options of perfumes and shampoos and lotions and all smelly things out there. One thing that is undeniable, though, is that smells evoke memories. Once you start using Ink Absolution (Oil) or Ink Salve to heal your tattoos, every time you use them you'll go right back to the chair and be yearning for your next tattoo.

The key to getting all the benefits of blue tansy is to ensure the products contain actual blue tansy and not blue chamomile, or other imposter essential oils. Susan has spent 15 years researching ingredients for skin care products and is diligent about sourcing the highest quality ingredients. Our blue tansy is pure and therapeutic grade, AND it is used in effective levels in our products. No dash amount here, we use enough to make the products work. Our ingredients are the difference.