How to heal a tattoo with Susie Q

Once you remove your covering (time suggestions vary), use Ink Absolution/Oil Non-Drying Anti Aging Wash in the shower as your new tattoo soap, seriously. I get the confused looks every time I tell someone about this. Yes, use the oil as your soap. NO MORE ORANGE SOAP! No more harsh, drying, and stripping anti-bacterial soap. I know the urge to lather up and wash away the puss and grime and blood that has settled on top of your tattoo, BUT RESIST! Spray a few squirts of Ink Absolution into your hand and then gently wash your tattoo. Then leave it alone. Do not wash off. Do not use soap on it (even non orange soap). No soap. Soap is a great cleanser for ordinary dirt and grime but a tattoo is delicate and sensitive. You want to keep moisture on the tattoo and you want to keep it balanced; soap will not do that.

Ink Salve All Natural Tattoo Ointment is the best ointment for a new tattoo. It has the same four key essential oils to help soothe the skin, to reduce inflammation, to reduce scarring and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Rich in organic, cold processed coconut oil and organic castor oil. After you have dried off, take a little Ink Salve onto your fingers and gently coat your tattoo with a THIN LAYER. Should I say it again? A thin layer. Ink Salve is a potent and highly effective ointment for a new tattoo. You are not coating your tattoo with petroleum filled goo and creating the great wall of chemicals. You are loving your new tattoo and treating it with kindness. You will notice that the Ink Salve warms up when you touch it and it gently glides on your tattoo. Take your Ink Salve with you so that you can reapply throughout the day. When your new tattoo starts to feel tight, just grab your jar and put on another thin layer. You will instantly feel the relief.