My Lovechild Skincare Product

May 25, 2018

My Lovechild Skincare Product

I am a fan of less is more when it comes to skincare. I don’t want to have 17 steps to take care of my face, I just want the basics, and I want them to work, which is why we have the Basic Skin Care Set. I call it the 2-2-2 set. 2 pumps of No Regrets to wash your face, 2 pumps of our White Rose Frankincense Hydrosol Toner to tighten pores and balance sebum, then 2 pumps of our Vitamin C Retinol Intensive to do EVERY-THING-ELSE. If there is such a thing as love in a bottle for me, this is it.

All-In-One Product for Every Skin Type

10% oil solvable vitamin c-Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate-  This vitamin c is primed and ready for your skin. Our choice in vitamin c is a pre-solubilized version of vitamin c. We love this ingredient because it doesn’t oxidize like other vitamin c’s, and it is immediately bio-available for your skin. Traditional vitamin c’s, such as l-ascorbic acid, oxidize very quickly and lose the majority of their potency once the skin care product is formulated. Oil solubilized vitamin c has a shelf life of up to 18 months once inside a product, so much longer than any other vitamin c on the market. The other benefit of solubilized vitamin c is that it starts working immediately on your skin. Vitamin c is a powerful ingredient to help boost skin’s natural collagen production and brighten your complexion. Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate has been specifically tested and proven to be more gentle than traditional vitamin c’s, and more bio-available so that your skin benefits more and faster by using products containing this specific vitamin c.

2.5% retinol- Retinaldehyde- Retinol either seems to elicit feelings of happiness around skincare, or fear. I have been using Retinol products on my face since I was 12. I was diagnosed with cystic acne, and retinol was the go-to. Retinol is a fantastic ingredient, and one that has been very successful at helping those with acne, wrinkles and sun damaged skin. The fear with retinol, though, is the peeling stage. A lot of retinol products, especially back in the day, were hard on the skin and if you used too much, too fast, your whole face would burn and peel. Retinol has come a long way in the last 20 years, and the retinol that we use is a patented retinalhyde (IconicA), which has been stated as “the best non-prescription retinol”. Retinalhyde is a stable form of vitamin a that converts to retinoic acid on the skin. When used in the form of IconicA, this retinoic acid creation happens inside the cells, not on top of this skin. This means that products using this specific type of Retinalhyde are more gentle. Individuals with very sensitive skin or those who have had negative reactions to retinol products in the past are generally safe to use products with this specific retinalhyde. Retinalhyde works to reduce wrinkles by boosting the skin’s natural collagen production and helps to repair the connective tissue under the skin. Retinalhyde is also excellent for controlling excess oil, so those with oily skin will greatly benefit from daily use of our Vitamin C Retinol Intensive.

5% glycolic-Glycolic acid is an amazing ingredient for helping to fight the signs of aging, and for controlling sebum production. Some glycolic products are at a level of 10% or higher, and specifically designed to be peels. These are fabulous products that should be used every few weeks to get a deep cleanse of your skin, but not something you would want to use daily. Our Vitamin C Retinol Intensive is specifically designed with just 5% glycolic, to give your skin a gentle daily exfoliation, removing dead skin and bringing newer, fresher skin to the surface, without the full peel of stronger glycolic products. Glycolic acid products help to boost skin’s natural moisture, and to gently exfoliate the top layer of dead skin and bring newer, fresher skin to the surface. 

Peptides-Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38- Peptides are gaining in popularity across the skincare industry. Peptides work to boost collagen production and increase the skin’s natural elasticity. Both peptides that we use have been tested extensively and have great skin response. Incorporating peptide products into your daily skincare routine is an excellent way to help slow the aging process and work on fighting those fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid- Hyaluronic acid is another one of those ingredients that are found in so many products now. Hyaluronic acid works to increase the moisture retention in your skin. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, so the more hydration based products you use, the better your skin will age. Our Vitamin C Retinol Intensive has 1% sodium hyaluronate, which is a fermented Hyaluronic acid, not an animal based version (Hyaluronic acid is originally derived from roosters). There are products on the market that have much higher levels of hyaluronic acid in them, but your skin can only hold so much moisture. It is like pouring water into the ocean. The ocean won’t be more wet.

Plants- I love plants and I believe in plants in my skincare. On top of all these fantastic skincare ingredients this product has rose water, Rosehip seed oil, organic sea buckthorn oil (that is why this product is yellow), organic raspberry seed oil, organic horsetail extract, bear berry extract, blueberry extract, green tea extract, arctic cranberry extract, and cloudberry extract. 

Natural Skin Care

We believe in natural and effective, and the Vitamin C Retinol Intensive is a highly effective, very natural skin care product with tested and proven anti-aging ingredients. This product is so natural and incorporates so many plants that you actually have to shake the bottle a couple of times per week or it will separate. We use the least amount of thickener as possible because I wanted every good-for-your-face ingredient to penetrate your skin, and not sit on top with the thickener. Your face will not feel sticky or gummy when you use this.  You can apply make-up directly on top and your face will feel and look great all day. 

Thank you for joining us on the quest for healthier skin through the use of all-natural and natural-based skincare products.