Is it an Oil or a Wax and Why Does It Help My Face???

June 05, 2018


I love jojoba oil. It is not only is it fun to hear people pronounce, but it is also one of the best to take care of your skin. Jojoba oil is not really an oil, it is a wax. The seeds of jojoba plants are about 55%+ moisture, which is extracted and becomes jojoba oil (wax). This oil closely matches our natural sebum, which allows our skin to use the jojoba oil without clogging our pores or leaving us feeling heavy or greasy. 


Jojoba oil can come in many forms. There is deodorized and bleached jojoba oil, which means it is clear and no longer smells like the actual plant. There is natural jojoba oil, which is one step less in processing than the deodorized and bleached, so this version still contains most of the natural plant benefits. Then there is the golden jojoba oil, which is our favorite. Golden jojoba oil is the version that contains the most plant benefits and has a beautiful golden color and light nutty smell. This smell, even when not mixed with any other oils, will not overwhelm the senses or smell too earthy. It is a nice, slightly nutty smell, and feels great on the skin.

Jojoba plants are grown in dry, arid climates, such as California, Arizona, Mexico and Israel. The female jojoba plants are the ones that produce the seeds, male jojoba plants are specifically there to pollenate only. Jojoba oil made its debut into the natural skincare industry back in the 70’s when whaling was banned and sperm whale oil was no longer available.


Jojoba oil, because it is a wax and not an oil, is excellent for use in natural skincare products. This oil will not clog pores, so it is very commonly used in acne or oily skincare products. It is considered to be one of the best non-comedogenic ingredients since it so closely matches our natural sebum and does not clog pores.

Jojoba oil is an excellent ingredient choice for:

Facial oil cleansers- excellent to remove bacterial and dirt without clogging pores. We use it in our No Regrets Organic Facial Cleansing Oil and Eye Make-Up Remover. This means that while it is stripping off your waterproof mascara, it is also deep cleaning those pores AND leaving your skin soft and supple without feeling greasy. Our No Regrets is THE cleanser designed for all skin types. We have also made a men’s version in our Dapper Dude Facial Cleanser and Moisturizer In One. I know the thought of cleansing your face with oil seems crazy, but once you’ve gone to oil, you’ll never go back. This will not clog your pores, you will not experience breakouts, and those fine lines and dry, crepey skin around your eyes will also start to look better.

Facial serums- again, great for all skin types; excellent to blend with essential oils to boost the healing effect and this is exactly what we have done with our Golden Anti-Aging and Acne Prone Facial Oil Serums. These two products both use the USA grown organic golden jojoba oil to help hydrate your delicate skin, while also working to deliver beautiful, natural, effective essential oil blends. Both serums are made of a variety of natural, organic, tropical oils to work on those fine lines, and then a proprietary blend of essential oils to either help boost collagen production and slow down the effects of time (Golden), or to help rid your face of acne causing bacteria (Acne).

Body oils- ideal products to be used by individuals with dry skin or who want moisture without the heavy feeling of lotions or creams. Susie Q Skin has just launched our 100% oil-based Bathing Body Oil Cleansers! Just like your face will love the effects of our No Regrets or Dapper Dude facial cleansing oils, your body will reap the benefits of our body cleansing oils. These oil blends will not only help to clean off the dirt, grime and stink of the day, but will also help to moisturize. You may even find you don’t need body lotion because your skin will be balanced, protected and hydrated!

Wound healing products- Native Americans have used jojoba oil in many natural, herbal balms; tests have shown that jojoba oil can help speed up wound healing. Some of you may have heard that we have an awesome tattoo aftercare line! Our Vivid Blue Ink Oil is your all-natural tattoo wash. You use this product every time to wash your brand-new tattoo and it will balance your skin so there is no shower pain or burn, and it will protect it so that the drying process doesn’t start at all. Our Vivid Blue Ink Oil works great on tattoos, but it is also an excellent product to use on any kind of damaged skin. If you think about tattoos they are just a million tiny open wounds in a concentrated area. If you can use Vivid Blue Ink Oil to heal a tattoo, you can use it on any other kind of damaged skin, like bug bites, sunburns, road rash, scratches, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Products to help with eczema and psoriasis- since jojoba oil is a wax and not an oil, individuals who suffer from eczema and psoriasis greatly benefit from the hydration and healing qualities of golden jojoba oil; the addition of jojoba oil into products for use on eczema and psoriasis will help to hydrate without clogging or suffocating the skin. Try our No Regrets, Dapper Dude Facial Cleanser, Acne or Golden Anti-Aging Facial Oil Serums, or our Vivid Blue Ink Oil to help calm the infected areas.

Dry skin formulas- because jojoba oil is a heavier feeling oil, it gives great skin feel when used on dry skin and will hydrate without feeling heavy or greasy. Use our Bathing Body Oil Cleansers to help alleviate dry skin or try our Vivid Blue Ink Oil. To get the most dry-skin benefit from the Vivid Blue Ink Oil, use it immediately after showering and before you have toweled off. Your pores will be open from your shower and the oil will incorporate with the water on your skin, leaving your skin soft, hydrated and not at all greasy.

Make-up removers- being a wax and not just your average oil, golden jojoba oil works to cleanse the skin, removing make-up and bacteria, leaving the face and eye area cleansed, soothed and hydrated. Our No Regrets works for every skin type and even removes semi-permanent lip stains!

Facial masks- jojoba oil used in masks has been proven to reduce acne spots and lesions! Have you tried either our Happiness Radiance Mask or our Tranquil Rose Mattifying Mask? These both are dry masks and we sell the Radiance Oil Blend to mix in with it. This oil blend uses the organic golden jojoba oil to impart a high level of moisture, without leaving your skin greasy or clogging your pores. Buy a set today and start using a mask 2-3 times per week to see the best improvement.

Here at Susie Q Skin, we use jojoba oil in many of our products, not just the ones designed for acneic or sensitive skin. We have products for EVERYONE that contain jojoba oil, so try some out today.