Cruelty Free Skin Care - Stop Supporting Testing on Animals

December 06, 2016

cruelty free skin care tattoo aftercare

The year is 2017, and most of us are aware that many pharmaceuticals and skin care products are tested on animals before they are tested on humans. There are hyperbolic images of bunnies and pigs wearing lipstick, but this is not how these products are actually tested. The the fact is that rabbits, dogs, monkeys, and rats have these products shoved in their eyes, up their noses, and in their mouths. Their fur is shaved off and layers of products are being applied to see which ones will cause allergic reactions, burns, or scarring.

When you think of the skin care or tattoo aftercare products being used today, you probably don’t think about the ones that did not end up making it to the shelves. Think of every rejected formula that came before the one people are using, and the reasons they were rejected. Those are the formulas being tested on animals and rejected because of the results.

How do I Find a List of Companies That Still do Animal Testing?

The movement for more gentle and ethical skin care companies is in full swing. There are numerous websites where you can find a list of skin care companies that still support animal testing, and a lengthy list of companies that no longer allow their products or their ingredients to be tested on animals. Large companies such as L’Oréal and Neutrogena are being pushed to find harmless means of testing ingredients and products. PETA is predictably the largest proponent for eliminating all animal testing. You can find information on their site, but there are other companies such as Leaping Bunny, and The Vegetarian Site with additional information.

Let Your Money Do The Talking

One of the best ways we can show our disdain for this practice is with the all mighty dollar. We are experiencing a time of major political controversy in the US, and sometimes it’s easy to feel powerless in bringing about change. Let your money do the talking for you. Are cruelty-free, organic, natural, non-GMO, gluten free, or local important enough for you to support with your purchase? Knowing who is behind your organic tattoo aftercare products will ensure that you are actually supporting individuals and businesses that align with your beliefs.

Nothing In Our Products Are Tested On Animals

With the massive amount of information accessible on the world wide web, it is sometimes tricky to know what the best option is. Susie has worked in the skincare industry since 2001, and has been blessed to have been mentored by a woman who has a deep knowledge of plants and their uses. Imagine if everyone took the time to purchase only skin care products that they believed in, both for the company's ethos and the product’s quality.

Susie Q Skin is an Oregon-based company, our products are made in Oregon, using natural and organic ingredients when possible, NOTHING in our products are tested on animals, and always bottled in 100% recyclable packaging. A product you can truly feel good about supporting.