Anti-Oxidant Rich Cocoa Butter- Like Eating Chocolate without the Calories

November 16, 2017

Who doesn't love chocolate? Well, I have actually met a few people that are allergic to chocolate, which I think would be a terrible affliction to have. I personally love chocolate. Dark, rich, 85% cacao bean bars. Those are my favorite. No funky stuff added. No milk. Barely any sugar. Just like munching on a cacao bean. My love of raw chocolate is what introduced me to cacao butter. When you make raw chocolate at home you use cacao powder, cacao butter (we say cocoa you say cacao...tomato tomatoe), a little bee pollen, some peppermint essential oil, maybe some raw honey and you have crazy homemade raw chocolate. Cocoa butter gives raw chocolate the creamy texture and it has an amazing aroma. These same benefits are what cocoa butter does for skin care! Makes our Black Seed Oil Vitamin C Anti-Aging Cream smell so good you want to eat it.

Cocoa Butter's Value in Natural Skin Care

Aside from the nice, smooth chocolatey smell that cocoa butter gives our anti-aging cream, it also adds moisture and anti-oxidants to the cream. Cocoa butter is an off-white to tan colored natural butter. It is hard when cold but will soften and melt when applied to your skin. The cocoa butter that we use at Susie Q Skin is not deodorized. That means that it has not been processed to remove all the smell and flavor. We believe in using the most pure forms of oils and butters possible, and this means that you have a more pure product for your skin.

Benefits of Cocoa Butter in Skin Care

  • Cocoa butter is full of beneficial fatty acids, this includes oleaic acid, stearic acid and palmitic acids. These acids are like active hydrators for your skin. They help to remove old, dead skin and to replenish new skin.
  • Cocoa butter is excellent at preventing stretch marks
  • Cocoa butter products are effective in lessening the effects of eczema and psoriasis. When applied topically, cocoa butter products can provide a protective barrier on the affected skin. This prevents things like harsh soap and allergens from exacerbating the dry spots.
  • Cocoa butter has a high content of cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP). This helps stop the production of immuno globulin IgE, which is known to aggravate eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.
  • Cocoa butter products are excellent to soothe dry skin.
  • Cocoa butter products have the same anti-inflammatory benefits as eating chocolate.
  • Cocoa butter products cause less skin irritation than traditional moisturizers. This makes it excellent for individuals with sensitive skin.
  • Cocoa butter is high on polyphenols, these are high functioning anti-aging ingredients. Studies have proven to show that cocoa butter based products improve skin texture, boost collagen production, and improve skin elasticity.
  • Cocoa butter naturally has a longer shelf life and will not go rancid.
  • Cocoa butter products are high in anti-oxidants, which helps to lessen age spots, dark patches and dull or ashy skin.

The Quality in Susie Q Skin

Susie of Susie Q Skin has spent 16 years researching raw materials and skin care ingredients. During her time as Director of Operations of a private label skin care lab she encountered high quality ingredients, and also ingredients that had been adulterated and diluted of all nutrients. When Susie launched her line one commitment was that Susie Q Skin products would only use the highest quality ingredients possible. The cocoa butter that we use in all our products is un-refined, organic, fair trade cocoa butter. The quality of ingredients creates the quality of skin care, and that is our priority. You can feel good about all the ingredients used in Susie Q Skin products.