Relax with Oregon Lavender Essential Oil

March 13, 2018

Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled

Plant Part: Flower

Country of Origin: USA

Ingredient Name: Lavandula Angustifolia

Oregon Lavender Essential Oil

In our quest to formulate the highest quality, most effective, truly natural skincare we have found some amazing essential oils for our products. Oregon Lavender essential oil is one of the key components of our Calming Facial Oil Serum. Please note that this information is about lavender essential oil, not lavender fragrance. There is a major difference between essential oils and fragrances and you are only able to receive any health benefits, topically, internally or through aromatherapy, from essential oil based products, not ones made with fragrance.

We diligently search for ethical, high quality vendors of all our raw materials. Our oils are always raw, organic, un-refined and fair trade when possible. We also try to source as many ingredients locally and from the US as possible. Oregon Lavender essential oil is one of the best lavenders we have ever found. It is grown about 20 miles from my house and is only produced in small batches two times per year. Everything about the production of this essential oil is cared for by hand and guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Lavender Essential Oil is Controversial for Me

Susie of Susie Q Skin is not a fan of lavender essential oil. Why, you ask? Well, because lavender essential oil makes her stop breathing. Just a little thing, you know, but, she knows that there are many health benefits from products containing lavender, and she knows there are a lot of lavender fans in this world. She is also aware that many, many people have reactions to lavender, from anaphylaxis to skin rashes, so there will only ever be a few products that contain lavender.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Yes, lavender essential oil is widely known for its relaxation properties.  We make a bath soak that contains the Oregon lavender which is excellent for pre-bed baths, and for individuals with high levels of anxiety or mental challenges like Autism. Lavender essential oil has been tested and proven many, many, many times over to show a marked decrease in anxiety and mood disorders when used both through aromatherapy and through internal consumption.

Calming inflamed skin- the primary purpose of our Calming Facial Oil Serum is to reduce the redness and inflammation of damaged skin. Our skin goes through seasons just like the rest of our body. There are phases of time when our skin will be calm and smooth and beautiful, and then times when the stress of our lives shows up on our face and it is inflamed, and red and not happy. These are the times when a balanced facial cleanser like our No Regrets, and then a soothing facial oil serum like our Calming Facial Oil Serum can help to reduce that inflammation, redness, and calm our skin.

Anti-oxidant- Lavender essential oil is used throughout many cultures in tinctures and healing remedies because of its anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties. Anti-oxidants are free radical fighters, that help to slow the process of aging and help to protect the skin and body tissues from oxidative stress. Studies have shown that lavender essential oil increases the bodies natural anti-oxidants, helping to protect the skin and body from aging. When you use a product like our Calming Facial Oil Serum on a regular basis, you are promoting natural anti-oxidant fighters in your skin.

Collagen Boosting-Everyone knows about collagen now. We hear about it in smoothies and bone broth and pills. There are creams and serums now that say they have collagen in them. It is everywhere! The key with better collagen production, though, is not applying a cream or serum with a small amount of it in there, rather it is about healing your skin so that it boosts its own collagen production. Studies have been done that show lavender essential oil boosts the collagen production on damaged skin, causing the skin to significantly improve and repair itself. This is the goal of all Susie Q Skin products, and specifically why our facial oil serums are so great for your skin. No chemicals, no funky ingredients, all natural ways of boosting collagen and improving your skin.

 **About the referenced tests- I hate even referencing these studies but, unfortunately, they have been done and they have results. We here at Susie Q Skin will never test our products or ingredients on animals and we specifically purchase from vendors who also follow the same cruelty free guidelines.