Love The Art You’re In - WTF does that mean?

February 14, 2017

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You will notice this tag line on all Susie Q products. Our labels, our boxes, our website and even those temporary tattoos you’ll receive in every shipment of Susie Q products. ‘Love The Art You’re In’ is not just our tagline, it’s our mission. It is our goal, our passion, and our drive! We love creating clean, beneficial natural and organic skin care and tattoo aftercare products that will help our customers love the art they are in.

It isn’t just about your tattoos, it’s about your being

At Susie Q Skin, we consider ourselves lucky. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our passion with you. Our passion for loving and nurturing one's self, inside and out. Our tagline ‘Love the art you’re in’ isn’t just about your tattoos, it’s about your being. You are a walking piece of art, continually changing and improving. We seek to help you take care of your skin, to help you look and feel beautiful. We strive to use the best possible ingredients and to conscientiously make choices that are best for the earth and our customers.

This term was coined in the middle of a Barre3 class. I had been talking about our products and our mission for months to all the lovely ladies and gentleman (only one dude that took our class). They listened to my desire to help women take care of their bodies with powerful skin care products (coming soon!), and to heal and revitalize their beautiful tattoos. They all tried and tested Ink Salve tattoo ointment and Ink Oil tattoo wash, even though most of them didn’t have a single tattoo. They all knew my passion was to create a product line that used the best possible ingredients. Through these results the users would have a canvas they loved, so Love the Art You’re In was born on a post-it-note slapped on the wall in the middle of class.

You are Your Art

We are all works of art. Every nuance of our personalities, of our lives, of our day, is art. Through every decision we make, we either choose to enhance the art that we are, or we choose to hide or hate the art that we are. Many individuals struggle with loving who they are. We find something to dislike in the way our skin looks, the memories we carry, the status of our lives. Learning to love ourselves is a choice and a challenge that a lot of individuals face every day.

We want to help people learn to love the art they are in. Tattoos or no tattoos, we want people to choose to love themselves and to be the best version of themselves. It may seem like a reach for a skin care company to have this goal, but, an individual’s outward appearance can often be the source of self-inflicted pain, and can bring on unwanted bullying from others.

There are so many men and women that hate the way they look in the mirror. They hate their skin, their hair, their boobs, their butt. People of all ages are constantly trying to change something about the way they look. Women and men are on the constant quest to look younger. We see every change as a flaw and every sign of age as detracting rather than adding to our story.

The Beauty of All Natural Tattoo Aftercare

Creating highly effective products that people will feel good about using, and that will help their skin look and feel amazing- this is the way Susie Q hopes to help you love the art you’re in.

For many, a tattoo is a way to change that outward appearance. A tattoo changes the canvas and for someone who hates their canvas, a tattoo can make them feel beautiful, strong, handsome, or powerful. It can make someone who felt like they were never enough feel like they are special. It can make someone who felt like they never fit in be accepted in the tattoo social circle. It can make a returning military warrior with PTSD feel like they have a way to express what their words cannot. It can make the breast cancer survivor feel like her breasts were replaced with beautiful works of art.

Tattoos are art, a permanent expression of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. A mark left upon our bodies, our soul, and one that you share with all those who admire your canvas. What about those individuals who have not been tattooed? Susie Q Ink Oil and Ink Salve were made for you too. The Ink Salve makes the most amazing all natural hand and foot balm. Any dry spots (elbows, ankles, calloused hands) will be smoothed and nourished by the use of the Ink Salve. The Ink Oil...oh let me count the ways- it’s the best eye makeup remover ever. The best after shower body oil ever. Rich, nourishing, hydrating. Tattoos or no tattoos, Susie Q will help you to spread some love all over your canvas.